Friday, February 19, 2010

photo fun!

Class Fun

And a little bit about my classes. I really enjoy most of them, but I have one teacher who is a bit mean, he just needs to calm down and it wouldn't be so bad. I love my creative writing class, it is a lot of fun, but can be nerve-wrecking! We do random writings and then he calls on people to read their work out loud. I am always nervous at that point, but its good practice. I wrote a poem today, it had to be a school memory and we had about ten minutes to write it. I guess I could put it on here, give a sample of the class. Remember it was a quick write and poetry is not my best skill. But its a cute poem.

And this is the first draft!

Tag your it: Anger Flares, no fun and games
He lunges, he pushes: knocks me right to the cold hard ground
Crack, Pop, Snap- broken collarbone
Brother wasn’t playing games
Now pain, swelling, time for the emergency room
No salty tears from me, tag is not game for the weak.

School Tomorrow, 1st grade
Glue smell, writing practice, spelling bee, playing games, laughter fills the air
You see an arm in a sling, yet no complaints from me
Special treatment comes my way
Less writing, more candy, help from everyone
Center of attention in 1st grade.

Brother was mean, not playing a game
But now I’m the golden child
Sweet and sour candy, more help, extra attention, envy fills his heart
Arm in a sling, 1st grade, its not so bad!

Hehe, silly, but cute and yes I had to read this out-loud!  
I would give samples from my other classes, but no other does things like this. My other classes are mostly reading and the only one essay maybe two. Still I enjoy them, I like my schedule here. 

Much Needed Update!

Lots has happened since my last post, I have been slacking and its time to catch up! 
Fist I have pretty much found my place here in Wales, I have a good group of friends and my classes seem to be going well. I know where to get food at and anything else I need. So yea, life is pretty good here. 
I do miss food from home though, a real home cooked meal would be good, but I have a few months to wait for that. 

I haven't got to go around and travel much because of school and being busy, but I have attended many birthday parties, including my own! Having my 19th birthday here was fun for sure! And the other birthday parties were fun. I have been shopping a few times. I really feel that when it gets warmer traveling around will get much more inviting. I really hope to go to London soon and maybe Amsterdam and Ireland over my Easter Break. I love having a 3 week Easter Break, but its hard to find stuff to do when it seems like everyone else is going home, even the other international students! So maybe Amsterdam with a couple of other people, but thats still in the beginning stages of planning and a trip to Ireland on my own, but it will be through a tour company, so I should be safe. :)

I just turned in my first assignment! Yea its almost halfway through the semester and I just now had to write an essay. It amazes me, but I enjoy it. Gives me more time for going out. I went to the movies last night and watched Valentines Day, its was a good movie, pretty funny. The theatre was no different than one at home and I much enjoyed the popcorn! 

Besides that not much has going on, just can't wait for more traveling around and warm weather! 

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