Friday, January 1, 2010

People Are Extremely Nice?

I am sorry to say I was not expecting people to be nice. I figured they would stick to their business and go on their way. I am happily proved wrong of this thought continuously. Every where I have gone on this trip so far people have been extremely nice and helpful. The lady at the first airport saved my mom money since my bag was overweight she gave us the advice on which method was the best pay the 150$ charge for being 12lbs overweight or go by another back bag and just pay a 50$ charge for an extra bag. It saved about about 60$ which is better than nothing. After that on my first plan ride I sat beside this elderly lady who just loved to talk. she was very much interested in what I was doing and my travels; she also made sure to wish me luck and told me to be safe more than once. She was very nice.

After that in Memphis people were nice, but my second plane ride to Amsterdam was 8.5 hours long. I sat beside a man who put my carry-on up and answered silly questions of mine with interest. He would kindly let me out if I needed to use the rest-one with out even rolling his eyes. I was very happy about this. When the plane finally made it to Amsterdam he got my bag down for me.

People in Amsterdam were also kind, answering questions and giving extra advice. A security guard let me back through security when I went down to early without any issues. Then after that another security guard to time to compliment my southern accent. :) On this plane a guy also put my carry-on up and took it down for me. I never had to ask, but I always said thank you.

Finally in Wales, I had to get through immigration then catch a Taxi. People continued to be very nice. My Taxi driver allowed my to sit in the front with him and gave me advice on good places to go, pointed out a great castle. He was very polite the entire ride.

I arrive at my final destination and get moved in. I haven't ate in hours and realize I have no phone and my computer is dying. Every place I looked online to order was close because it was new year's eve. I went to ask the accommodation lodge where I could get food, even from just a vending machine. They were offering to order food with the phone because the vending machine wasn't enough, but then they just grab food and give to me without a second thought. Today, I was even more surprised when the same security guard that gave me some food last night brought food to my room, so "I wouldn't go hungry." I was stunned, but grateful.

Thats where I am at write now, astonished to see how nice everyone is, even giving their own food away. I am grateful for these people and their help. Also, very glad that people are much nicer than my first expectations. I hope this continues to be the case. :)
I am so happy to say not one person has been mean or even rude in the slightest way to me. As I stated these people have exceeded my expectations.


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