Friday, February 19, 2010

Much Needed Update!

Lots has happened since my last post, I have been slacking and its time to catch up! 
Fist I have pretty much found my place here in Wales, I have a good group of friends and my classes seem to be going well. I know where to get food at and anything else I need. So yea, life is pretty good here. 
I do miss food from home though, a real home cooked meal would be good, but I have a few months to wait for that. 

I haven't got to go around and travel much because of school and being busy, but I have attended many birthday parties, including my own! Having my 19th birthday here was fun for sure! And the other birthday parties were fun. I have been shopping a few times. I really feel that when it gets warmer traveling around will get much more inviting. I really hope to go to London soon and maybe Amsterdam and Ireland over my Easter Break. I love having a 3 week Easter Break, but its hard to find stuff to do when it seems like everyone else is going home, even the other international students! So maybe Amsterdam with a couple of other people, but thats still in the beginning stages of planning and a trip to Ireland on my own, but it will be through a tour company, so I should be safe. :)

I just turned in my first assignment! Yea its almost halfway through the semester and I just now had to write an essay. It amazes me, but I enjoy it. Gives me more time for going out. I went to the movies last night and watched Valentines Day, its was a good movie, pretty funny. The theatre was no different than one at home and I much enjoyed the popcorn! 

Besides that not much has going on, just can't wait for more traveling around and warm weather! 

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