Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ireland, My love.

Ireland was absolutely wonderful. Everything I had pictured and more. I knew there was a reason I had always wanted to go there. If I ever get a second home in another country, it will def. be in Ireland. It is such a beautiful place, with so much cultural around every corner, statues, historical buildings, castles, old homes, pubs, just everything is so great and has so much to do with the history of Ireland.

I was able to go in a big circle around ireland, from Dublin, Blarney Castle, The Barren Code, Cliffs of Moher, Galway, and so many more places. Galway is a better city to visit than Dublin, because Dublin is becoming to touristy, still liked both places. And the Barren Code was pretty amazing, just a huge stretch of rock, but the crazy thing is that there is plants and wildlife from all over that grow there, even some alaskan flower.

I def. will be visiting Ireland again one day, there is still so much i didn't get to see!
Now the trip wasn't perfect we got to experience the lovely irish weather of liquid sunshine daily, and cloudy-ness. But still thats the irish life, so I could deal with it. :P


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