Monday, January 4, 2010

Class Schedule!

Reading Poetry                                     Monday      11:00-1:00

American Short Story                          Monday      3:00-5:00

19th Century Literature                       Tuesday     1:00-3:00

Modernism                                             Friday        9:00-11:00

Creative Writing                                    Friday       11:00-1:00

History of The English Language         Friday       2:00-4:00

No Class on Wednesday or Thursday!!! :)
No Super Early Classes!!

I must say that I am very pleased with my schedule


Mushroom Daisy said...

I would be tickled with your schedule too!!! And I am jealous of the poetry class... I love poetry! Looks like traveling Tuesday & Thursday blog spot are to come :)

ChelseyDillard said...

I messed up I will be able to travel on wednesday and thursday! :)
Yea it seems that poetry class is cool, the teacher was really nice.

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