Monday, January 4, 2010


This is a list of differences that I encounter comparing the UK to the US. I will add to it the more differences I notice. :)

1. Door Handles (sometimes)
2. Toilets (the back is hidden behind the wall in stead of being attached)
3. Outlets
4. Accent (And some people speak Welsh)
5. French Fries are call chips (yes Melissa I found a fish and chips restaurant)
6. Potato chips are called crisps
7. Steering Wheel is on the other side of the car
8. People drive on the opposite side of the road
9. Use Pounds, means different paper money and different coins
10. Shower handle is numbered 1-10, 10 making it hotter. I put it on 3 1/2 and its pretty hot.
11. Some packaging is different, such as the Skittle bag or some chip(crisp) bags.

And yes there are five differences in the picture, I took the time to find them to be sure. :)


Mushroom Daisy said...

LOL.... See I told you I thought french fries were called chips! :) How weird, huh?

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