Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Outing!

Finally, I made a friend here. She is really nice. I meet her because she is the only other international student coming to Glamorgan at this time; she is from Norway! Well yesterday we went shopping in the Pontypridd town for awhile. Then later that night I went over to her flat to hang out with her and her flat-mates, who seem to be much more inviting than mine. They even put my birthday on the calender, so they can bake me a cake and  we can "celebrate". They were all really nice.

 Later M (my only friend) and I went out with some other people to some bars, so that we can meet people and get out of the room. Well I ordered my first drink at a bar, it made me nervous. I felt like I was going to be arrested since the laws in the US are different. :P. Well I only ordered beer because thats what they ordered and I didn't know what to get. I hated it. So this other guy saw I wasn't really drinking my drink and went and ordered a more "girly drink" and traded with me. :) So no wasted money and a much better drink. After that bar, which was a more chill type of place we walked down the street (not even 20 foot) and came to another bar. This bar had loud music, some dancing, it was more of a party bar. I really didn't like it as much, to chaotic. For some reasons all the bars started closing around 11:30, maybe cause a weeknight, maybe cause of the weather (snow), I am not sure. So we called it a night. Still I meet a lot of people and now have more plans set up throughout this weekend and next week. :)
(pictures are of the two bars that I found online)

During this outing I met people from all over, Norway, Germany, Italy, Canada, and maybe some other places, well of course also from the UK. It was a fun time, everybody was really nice.

I can't wait for my next time going out. M and I are heading to Cardiff this Saturday to see the place, go to the Castle, and shop some. Then on Tuesday I am heading back to Cardiff with M and some other girls for some fun.

Meeting more people, experiencing the UK is going to be great.


Mushroom Daisy said...

Sounds like you are having an awesome time!!!!

lynn said...

I am so glad you are starting to enjoy yourself. Sounds like great safe though.

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