Friday, January 1, 2010

Just The Beginning

The beginning of my trip started two days ago. I boarded a plane to fly into Memphis, TN then to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam I caught a flight into Wales, my final destination. It was a fun trip taking a total of 20 hours. This being the first time I have ever flown or traveled I was nervous, but more excited than anything.  It was actually pretty easy finding the gates, getting through security, everything just went smoothly for me. The people on the flights were all nice, I always had help getting my carry-on put up and taken out of the storage on the plane by other passengers seating near me. By the time I made it to Wales I was wore out because I had to get use to the time change, of losing 5 hours, and just being jet-legged from flying and hanging around airports for two days.

I had a lot of lay over time in Memphis and Amsterdam, so I was able to explore both airports shops. Memphis didn't have nearly as much places to go as Amsterdam's airport did. That airport was huge consisting of many shops! Three or Four liquor stores, A casino, spa, many restaurants and bars, and other gift shops. So I was able to spend my time shopping and taking pictures.

I have started my awesome collection of shot glasses. I plan on getting one everywhere I go. I now have two memphis and amsterdam. They are pretty cool. I hope to have at least 10 glasses by the end of the trip, hopefully a lot more though!

Well that is the sum of my first flying adventure and how the beginning has gone.


lynn said...

That's my baby girl, all strong and brave. Enjoy all your new adventures and be safe.

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