Sunday, January 3, 2010

Venting Is Good

I don’t get it. I have been here for a couple of days, everyone has been nice, but I have consistently worried about food and where I need to go. The university has had me be a sitting duck for a few days now. I don’t have a phone and the international people here are all on vacation, it really aggravates me. I have to meet the woman tomorrow at 9:15 in  a building I have no clue where it’s at. I have no notebooks, no pencils, nothing, but she is expecting me to be ready for classes, when I have had no help adjusting and finding my way around here.

 I have needed to buy a converter outlet thing for a few days now, but can’t find one. Yes I borrowed the accommodations lodge and got a taxi into the town area yesterday to go shopping and find one, well the store they sent me to didn’t have one. I went into a cell phone place that was T-mobile, but they didn’t have the chip thing and sent me to another store that I couldn’t find. I did get a regular phone, but surprise the end of it is different than America’s phone outlet also.  It’s a really cute phone with a  penguin on it, but it won’t work unless I can get an American phone cord. Also, I have taken some cool pictures but can’t get them onto my computer because I left my camera cord by at my home, so that’s annoying, I am pretty sure I won’t be able to find one here. I can’t get it shipped because I don’t have an address yet.
It's all driving me a bit crazy!

 It’s been fun (way sarcastic), but I would defiantly advice the universities international program to be more ready when students arrive and have the induction service before the day the classes start. My guess is tomorrow will be a stressful day!

On a good note, the town was a pretty neat place. It has a ton of shops on like two streets and they don’t let people drive on the street. It also seems the stuff is cheaper here than in America because I bought a hair dryer, straightener, pillow, snacks, drinks, a fuse converter(wrong kind), and a phone and it was only 22 pounds. Cheaper I think. :)


lynn said...

things will get better!!!! hang in there....

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