Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Survived! (Week 1)

I have officially survived my first week in a another country alone and it hasn't been to bad. I have made friends, seen new sights, attended class, ate UK food, went out, went shopping, took a taxi, road in a train, and am still alive and healthy. :)
The image to the left is of wales right where I live. It is the view I get when I walk out and to the side of my building.
I like it here, but the walking is killer. I have to walk up this huge, steep hill to get to my building each day. I would say that I should get my legs in shape quick.
I have enjoyed my first week besides some of the annoying hiccups that I have had to deal with, but as of now things are looking up. The people are still very friendly and I meet more people every time I go out to have fun. M and I get along well and are planning many trips around the UK. I can't wait to get even more use to the area and use to taking trains or taxi's everywhere, but I don't think that will take long.

One of the biggest dangers is ice. Apparently I have decided to be in Wales on one of the coldest winters they have had in years. I have saw about three people hit the ground in three days. And I, myself came very close, but luckily I was with a group of friends and just grabbed on to one of the guys. He was going to save me or come down with me, I guess, but he did save me. Yay!

Campus was closed 2 or 3 days this first week because of the snow, which in my opinion was no more that what was on the ground when I left home, but it was a big deal here. It is pretty though, the snow seems to be more powdery here, till the ice attacks. But the snow does make for a pretty sight (and picture).

Well the first week has been tough, but it got better quick. I feel like I am settling in pretty easy. And I think I really enjoy the rest of the weeks, well months, that I have left here!


lynn said...

I'm glad you are settling in. It looks beautiful over there, keep taking great pics. luv u.

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